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Dear Buffalo

Born from a love of Americana, Gospel, Blues and Country, Dear Buffalo will lull you gently on that ol' rocking chair.

A simple three piece delivers much with the use of three part harmonies, thoughtful lyrics and tender melodies. 

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Matt Walsh


A little bit of old country bliss.

"Matt is painfully stark or ticklishly romantic. Like a potentially dangerous drinking companion, you’ll wanna do it every night but the bruises mount. Sweet, suspicious pain.".....Tim Rogers

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Katie Thomas Percussion

Melbourne percussionist, drummer and educator, Katie Thomas will be running an African Drumming Circle at the Clan Jam!

She is a private percussion teacher with training in special learning difficulties.

This girl is impressive...she has played with the Australian Youth Orchestra, the WA Youth Orchestra, Defying Gravity Percussion Ensemble and is the founding member of the Piñata Percussion Ensemble.

Katie has pledged her time for free for our first event but we ask that you please bring a gold coin donation to get involved in this workshop to support her travel costs and time.


Thanks Katie!!


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Rod Begbie

Rod Begbie takes his music both a little too seriously, and not very seriously at he's happiest when his songs make you laugh and cry at the very same time. 

He's played in two-piece outfits, fronted bands, and sung in a choir thrown together for his neighbour's mum's 70th, but for The Clan Jam he will be returning to his roots and doing his solo singer-songwriter thang.

Checkout Rod's tunes here .


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Silent Disco 

Disko Duk Duk and Guru Dudu

Disko Duk Duk (aka Dave Hall) from Guru Dudu Productions has pledged to come along and add to our program in 2019.  We are extremely excited and are indeed doing little jigs at random moments when we think about this.  

If you have never silent discoed - you have seriously got something fabulously funny to try.  Keep an eye out for Disko Duk Duk and the team throughout the weekend for your opportunity to shake your tush and laugh out loud.

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 The Bunyip and the mike - rusty brown records

The Bunyip and the mike - rusty brown records

Rusty Brown Records

Mike Lyall and The Bunyip

These lads have some seriously groovy tunes to play to the Clan Jam tribe.  They want to make you groove, move and giggle with your crew.

Vintage funk, soul and disco tunes will - quite simply - make you a happy camper.  And yes - those old 90's dance tracks might crack a mention to remind you of your earlier festival years.

DIY Vinyl Spin Sessions

Rusty Brown has also offered to place a library of vinyl for you to play at you leisure!   How fancy you say?  Yup.  They have pledged to provide around 200 records that will be available for the big folk to 'act the DJ' and take spin on the decks provided by the Jam.  Pretty cool stuff - thanks boys.

Check them out on Facebook : Rusty Brown Records

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DJ Nita

DJ Nita weaves together the kind of threads that connect Enya to The Knife or The Cramps to Rufus Thomas.

With a soft spot for new wave gems, garage rock and local indie magic, her sets are always eclectic and fun with a rock n roll heart. 

Nita plays as part of a DJ collective, "Chips & Salad", who you can hear each Saturday night at the Charles Western Hotel in Brunswick.  Check it!


DJ Dolla Will

Like most big name tech-house DJ's, Dolla Will started his musical journey early. Playing bass for the cure in the early 80s,  his friendship with Robert Smith sparked a deep love of Armenian coptic christian flute music.

He now he enjoys wowing crowds with his blend of post psy tweak funk.

Make sure your children are in bed for this one. Techno alert!!

Please Note - This is all untrue - except the techno alert.

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DJ Illformation

Andrew Perkins

Illformation has been delivering the goods since the 90's.

Deep crates, good taste and impeccable timing means party's get rocked, pubs get jammed and floors get filled.

Playing everything from ozindie to electro by way of krautrock and dub means moments of joy for discerning punters.



Country vibes, soulful harmonies, full stop.

Watch this space.  We will add details once talent is confirmed.